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Since my last blog, July 2019, much as happened. As I’m sure much has for anyone reading this.

I moved from Rio Communities, New Mexico to Fischer, Texas in the fall of 2019. In coronavirus terms, just in time. Living in the free state of Texas while the Governor of New Mexico was getting jewelry during lock downs was quite the juxtaposition. From one small town to another, I find the weather here to be a little warmer with more humidity. Crime rate is much lower. Being an hour away from Austin or San Antonio is just as cool if not a little cooler, compared to being an hour away from Albuquerque.

As one who sees this page, one might notice a lack of content. “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men. Gang aft a-gley” or the best laid plans can still go wrong. The move took a lot out of me. Getting settled? Still settling in.

I had some great experiences in New Mexico. Starting Next Step Media Productions, LLC was a small part in a bigger idea. Helping others create content, check. Creating some of my own content, check. Seeking other opportunities, check. I even got to be a background actor in Season 4, Episode 1 of Night Shift as an EMT. Great location to work at the Albuquerque Studios. The cast and local support teams were awesome to see and interact with.

In 2020, 2021, and continuing into 2022, I linked up with Studios@Fischer as an independent contractor working as a utility grip, key grip, assistant editor, video production assistant, camera operator, and assistant director of photography, on recorded and livestream music performances, videos, and social media content. We’ve even made fun videos for Christmas time, here.

In 2021, I also linked up with Piranha Productions Inc. for a 3-day Rodeo & Fair in Taylor, Texas where I was running and gunnin’ with a wireless camera for recording and live Jumbotron presentation for the rodeo and following concerts.

As for the Next Step Media Productions, LLC YouTube page, I’ve chosen to begin teaching my son how to make videos. He’s chosen to make Nintendo Switch gameplay videos. His gamertag is J.Winner and he enjoys Animal Crossing, Pokémon, Mario games, and Zelda. So far he’s made videos for AC and Mario Party Superstars. His views have been increasing, and we’re working on ways to make the videos better.

In essence, this update is more of a two-and-a-half-year review. I am excited and hopeful for 2022. More people, more connections, more content. As an update, I believe NSMP is an output venue for the creativity and skills of others and myself and I look forward to working more with others, utilizing my support capabilities in creating unique content for unique individuals. The teams I work with are invaluable to the individuals and collaborative environment I look to achieve in content creation.

How do you see your 2022 and beyond? Answer in the comments section.