About NSMP

John Mulquin

Next Step Media Productions L.L.C. was founded in April 2014 by John Mulquin Jr. With over 15 years of video production experience, John has created promotional and training videos for Advanced Business Services L.L.C., Belen Mainstreet Partnership, Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe, United States Army, Best Buy Co., TGI Fridays, weddings, meetings, college application videos, VHS digital conversions and more….

John joined the United States Army and was deployed to Kirkuk, Iraq in December 2009 as a combat medic. Returning to Fort Bliss, Texas in 2010, he then spent most of his next two years training infantry medics for their 2013 Afghanistan deployment as a non-commissioned officer, before being honorably discharged in November 2012. In 2014, his military service was honored by Military Warrior Support Foundation in a presentation at the New Mexico Gildan Bowl.


“As each year passes by, each person takes whatever Next Step they feel is necessary for their life, be it in education, career, or relationships.  Whatever step we are on, there is always a Next Step.  Through my education and experience, I decided that my Next Step would be to utilize my strengths and help others in specifically identifying the needs of a digital video production for government, businesses, and individuals.”  –Owner – John Mulquin Jr., johnmulquin.nsmp@gmail.com







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