Capabilities List

-Manages aspects of project, program, and product coordination – including conception, ideation, pre-production, field production, studio production, event production, and post-production services for individuals, businesses, non-profits and government agencies.

-Produces web videos, highlight reels, marketing videos, digital images, private/corporate events, breakout sessions, training videos, and additional content for personal, non-profit, government or business needs.

-Utilizes insight from clients in creative development, pre-production, post-production, and delivery to produce the best product and service.

-Keeps clients up-to-date communications through emails, text messaging, calls, digital files and on-site meetings.

-Assists with casting, project research, scriptwriting, copywriting, stock multi-media searching and acquisition.

-Manages the coordination, scheduling, and logistics for on-site crews and productions; to include producing and directing live-action shoots, events, interviews, re-shoots, drafting ideas, concepts; Managing labor needs through collaborative efforts

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